Course Information

Advanced Qualitatitive Research (SOCY 3361)

Term: Academic Year 2016-2017 Spring


Thu, 10:40 AM - 1:00 PM (1/17/2017 - 5/19/2017) Location: MAIN CLASS 110-A


This course is designed to explore a variety of qualatative research approaches taking into account issues of epistemology (ways of knowing), methodology (ways of examining), and representation (ways of writing and reporting). Qualatative, non-statistical research can form the basis of surprising and profound discoveries about individuals, groups, and how themes and ideas are generated. A particular emphasis of this course is introducing students to the unpredictability that can emerge in settings where humans are living and telling their stories. In our vocations, we may work with traumatized individuals, young children, people living in economically-distressed communities, immigrants, co-workers, the elderly, people with chronic health issues, parishoners, camp counselors, people we identify with, and people we do not. Students will be given a "bird's-eye" view of various individuals and groups of people and come face-to-face with how various contexts inform people's lives. That kno