Course Information

Pastoral Care & Mental Health (PAST 6662)

Term: Academic Year 2022-2023 Fall


Mon, 2:40 PM - 5:00 PM (8/29/2022 - 12/20/2022) Location: MAIN TBA


Issues of mental illness and health continue to challenge pastors and ministers as they seek to guide their parishes and communities. Recent events related to the pandemic have increased the rates of mental illness in our communities, heightened the need for pastors to possess a basic level of competency related to understanding mental health and illness. Mental illness and health, how we define it, how we identify it, and how we address it calls into question how we understand God, human nature, the person, free will/personal agency, and the relationship that these issues, theologically, have with the broad field of mental health, commonly referred to as psychology. This class will explore these issues as they apply to the most prevalent issues of mental health that a pastor/priest/minister will encounter in the parish. Special emphasis will be placed on the relationship between theology and psychology and the role of the pastor/priest/minister in ministering to people struggling with