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The Psychology of Love (PSYC 3012)

Term: Academic Year 2011-2012 Spring


There is not currently a faculty member for this course


This course is an exploration of the Psychology of close human relationships. The primary focus of the class will be to discuss relationships and friendships. Students will explore where relationships and friendships intersect and interact. Discussions will include the following: a?ap? which is our Path to Love; starting since the day we are born, the Neurobiology of Love. Furthermore, students will explore spiritual paths and elements about love specifically from the lens of the two greatest commandants of the Lord. Love the Lord your God and love thy neighbor as yourself. We will be studying this by focusing on the examples and from the Saints of God and some special readings from the Old and New Testaments. Weekly discussions about readings with the goal being to review findings that can change the way we understand and look at relationships. Students will be able to define the different types of love at length. Over the course of the semester we will have special guests. The final