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Self-Care in Helping Professions (PSYC 3045)

Term: Academic Year 2019-2020 Spring


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Working and helping other people is rewarding, but at times interacting with others and hearing their stories can leave us over time drained, confused, sad, or just exhausted. Burnout in helping professions is a common encounter. In order to fulfill our vocation is it possible to learn and acquire insights and skills to connect and renew deeper within our hearts and prevent burnout? This course aims to teach theoretical and practical ways to understand our inner system (body, mind and spirit), to renew our hearts in the deeper wells of our being, allowing the Image of God within us to be revealed in a fuller light. This course will require a willingness to look internally to discern various driving forces in our lives, to apply the learned concepts, and to work in groups. Prerequisite: General Psychology