Registration Information

Fall & Summer 2024 Registration:

  • Questions? Looking to connect? GoogleMeets and on-campus meetings are available for Registrar/Student/Advisor meetings. Contact Jay Ostrosky, Registrar, at
  • Fall & Summer 2024 Registration is OPEN. Summer registration closes on 5/22/24. Fall registration closes 9/5/24.
  • *Resident On-Campus students registering for a course with 2 section options (online and on-campus sections) must select the on-campus section.
  • Online courses are designated with a Z1 section. Online students are eligible for Z1 sections. Z1 sections are further defined as asynchronous and synchronous courses.
  • Asynchronous: course does not have a course meeting day/time
  • Synchronous: course requires adherence to a set course day/time 
  • Hybrid (H1): course is open to both on-campus and online students
  • All Holds (Financial/Traliant Compliance Training) must be resolved in order to proceed with registration.
  • Select "Fall 2024" or "Summer 2024" in MyHCHC for the appropriate semester. 
  • If the course add/drop button is missing on a course you are looking to add, please email the Registrar at with the desired course(s).
  • Course Offerings will be posted in MyHCHC. Course descriptions/course details are posted under the "Students" tab. Course days/times/locations/instructors are subject to change.
    • Select the term "Fall 2024" or "Summer 2024" to view courses.
    • Select Division Code of "Undergraduate" or Graduate" to view courses as they relate to you. 
    • Use the course search filters sparingly as too many filters will significantly reduce course search results. If you select certain course search filters, you must deselect the filters prior to starting a new search.
    • The add/drop checkboxes will appear in the course search area starting on the first day of online registration.
  • Academic Advising: Please refer to your advising worksheet (also known as student degree audit/graduation report) in preparation for your advisor meeting. Review your degree program sequence of courses as outlined in the catalog of your year of entry. Online registration is an enhancement to the registration process, not a substitution for advising. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor. Please plan accordingly.
  • Undergraduate Advising Guidelines
  • See Student Guide to Online Registration below for "how-to" registration details.
  • Late Registration will be subject to the $100 late registration fee.
  • Students may opt to be wait-listed for a course should the course be full. The wait-list will be reviewed daily. 
  • Course Search feature for Boston College/Regis College is located under the Resources tab/web links.
  • Note:
    • Elective courses in the School of Theology: Juniors/Seniors are given first priority. 
    • MDGK (Modern Greek Language) courses require lecture AND lab. Please register for both.
    • Students may opt to be wait-listed for a course should the course be full. The wait-list will be reviewed daily. 
    • Directed Study/Reading requires the completion of the Directed Study Petition (located in MyHCHC/Resources tab)
    • Undergraduate Cross-Registration with Boston College/Regis College requires the completion of the Hellenic College Undergraduate Cross-Registration Form (located under the Resources tab). Students may register for MISC 1005/Cross Registration Placeholder as a temporary credit placeholder. 
    • BTI Cross-Registration for graduate students is online. Please follow instructions located on the BTI Portal. Students may register for MISC 2005 as a temporary credit placeholder.
    • Hellenic undergraduates seeking a graduate level SOT course, please email for course add. 
  • Click Here for Student Guide to Online Registration

Course Syllabi

Please visit Canvas to access course syllabi.